20 Photos That Prove People in Japan Live in a Parallel Universe

Japan is a place where the most ancient and ancestral traditions coexist perfectly with modernity and technological advances. With colorful landscapes and streets where it seems that not even a pin could be out of place, this country has a great charm and magnetism that attracts all kinds of people, especially foreigners who are on the other side of the planet longing for exotic adventures. With that in mind, Reddit users that visited Japan shared their travel pictures, which are the ultimate proof that this country seems to belong to a parallel universe.

Bright Side prepared this article where we compiled the best images that illustrate the peculiarities of Japan in the hopes that we can one day visit this magical place. Take a look and dream with us!

1. “Entrance to an underground record store in Shinjuku [Feb 2019]”

2. “Cup of ramen ice cream I got at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan”

3. “A Sriracha Vending Machine in Nagoya”

4. “Took this during my daily commute back in 2015. Tokyo, Bubaigawara station.”

5. “Thought I’d share some photos from my trip to a keyboard shop in Akihabara, Tokyo.”

6. “Went to a Nintendo store in Tokyo today and found these cute Animal Crossing marshmallows.”

7. “A relaxation drink in Japan, the opposite of an energy drink”


8. “Time stopped here in the 1980s. (Itabashi, Tokyo)”

9. “Japan has some next-level advertising!”

10. “Traditional Japanese room next to the river / Gujo Hachiman, Gifu, Japan”

11. “[I ate] Japanese soufflé crème brûlée pancakes.”

12. “Kyoto Station”

13. “Kids soccer practice under mount Fuji”

14. “Just found this cool bug in Okinawa, Japan.”

15. “I’ve been in Japan for 13 years and have my first Kei car, that I bought yesterday. I wanted to customize my N-Box Custom my way with Honda and Mugen accessories. I really like it, and it is very practical for Okinawa.”

16. “Interior shot of ‘Robot Restaurant’ in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo. November 2019.”

17. “Sweet corn ice cream 🌽 (Sapporo, 2019)”

18. “Spotted at the Sapporo Snow Festival last year.”

19. An example of komomaki tree wrapping in Hamarikyu Gardens. Chuo, Tokyo, November, 2010.

20. “A vending machine in Japan that sells solder and resistors, for your late-night circuitry cravings”

What other culture in the world do you think is surprising because of its customs and traditions? In the comments, tell us about the most interesting thing you saw.

Preview photo credit ouaissted / Reddit
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