10+ People Who Probably Said, “That’s It, I’m Outta Here!” After Their Bad Day at Work

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Around 62% of people experience at least one bad day at work every week. 75% of these days are influenced by factors at work and only 3% by a poor night’s sleep or problems at home. Thankfully, the brave souls below have decided to share their tales of woe with the world so that we can feel a little bit better about our own crummy days. So, next time you’re having a rough day at the office, remember: at least you didn’t have to deal with whatever these poor folks did.

“Thank God she was wearing an apron.”

“Their first day at a new job and they drove into a hidden ditch.”

“Scene outside my apartment today”

“The one day I try to poop at work, a forklift hits the other side of the wall.”

“My buddy got this after working at his job for 42 years. The sticker isn’t even on straight.”

“Some teacher is having a bad day at school today.”

“Insulating foam is great, except when it gets on your hair and clothes.”

“I’m a truck driver and one of the tires decided to do this 12 miles from my destination.”

“My sister tried making popcorn at work today... Didn’t go very well.”

“-41°C (-41.8°F) outside and there’s no one to let me into work.”

“30 minutes away from completing a job and this happens.”

“Someone drove into my work today.”

“I got this sunburn while working on top of a greenhouse all day.”

“So glad I’m working alone today.”

“Well, this happened at work last night.”

“Our delivery guy’s first day on the job, possibly his last as well.”

“What happened on your worst day in trucking?”

“They couldn’t do it.”

What does a bad day at your job look like? How do you spoil yourself, so you feel better again?

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