10+ People Who Mistakenly Thought Today Was Going to Be a Good Day

year ago

Having a terrible day is like getting stuck in a thunderstorm — it’s wet, it’s wild, and there are puddles of water everywhere. And on top of it all, there’s no sunlight in sight, it’s all dark and gray and muddy. Just like how we can shelter under an umbrella with a friend during a storm, sharing our terrible days with others might make them more bearable. The following people know firsthand the meaning of a tough day but decided to share it to make others feel better about their own poor ones.

“Tried a foot peel a few days ago and worked in sweaty shoes all day today! The black things are lint from my socks.”

“My friend broke his arm while arm wrestling 3 months back. Just yesterday, he broke it again while playing tennis.”

“So, how’s your day going?”

“The lonely suitcase

“One of the trucks at the towing company I work for — the driver just noticed it.”

“First day of my month-long tour and my hotel is on fire.”

“Walking home with a surprise”

“Here’s how my day went.”

“A bad case of the Mondays”

“Guess which one I just used to brush my teeth.”

“Thanks for the safe underground parking.”

“Glass 1, toilet 0”

I know someone who dropped a glass into a porcelain basin. The glass was fine, but there was a glass shaped hole in the basin. 😆


“My buddy’s stylist asked, ’Do you want to try something new?’”

“Your day might be bad, but is it gas-tank-full-of-yellow-jackets bad?”

“A co-worker found a surprise at the bottom of their cup this morning.”

This is just one reason to check your cups before using them. Anyway, could've been worse, it could've been half a lizard!!


“Just when I thought I was spoiling my kids this year...this guy shows up.”

“This is what happens when I eat bananas.”

“For a while now, my friend has been asking me to cut her hair for her. This was the result. I really tried! I’m not a hairdresser! I feel awful though and hope we’re still friends.”

How did your last bad day go? What happened? How did you recover afterward?


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