15+ People Who Could’ve Used a Bit of Luck

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You pick up a jar of sauce or pull out your brand-new phone to check notifications, and the next thing you know, they jump out of your hands and break. A bucket of paint accidentally pops open in your car, and you are petrified at the sight of a huge stain.

It’s not uncommon to have a bad day every now and then, but some people seem to have particularly unlucky days that leave them wondering what they did to deserve their misfortune. While it’s easy to dwell on the negative, it’s important to remember that tomorrow is a new day and things can always get better.

1. “Got a splinter under my thumbnail.”

2. “The view from my hike yesterday”

3. “My girlfriend washed my wool sweater.”

4. “Phone purchased at 10:20 am, black ice got me at 1:30 pm.”

5. “I was so tired this morning I brewed water. Happy Monday!”

6. “Dropped tikka masala at the store and it shattered.”

7. “I was wondering why it wasn’t sanding evenly...”

8. “A tree fell on my Cadillac.”

9. “Been stuck on a train for 12 hours, alone, because of the weather.”

10. “Fantastic, how’s your day going?”

I did that with queso in my crockpot, never really got it all out.


11. “I was charged $62 for a haircut and it wasn’t even cut correctly.”

12. “We get a calendar with pictures of our dog in it every year. This year our dog is a cat.”

Time spent with a cat is never wasted”

13. “This was for my sister’s birthday and it was supposed to say ’happy bday’ but came out saying ’happy happy.’”

14. “Well... Today I found out that the bottom of my blender is detachable.”

15. “First bubble bath in nearly 35 years. I think I did something wrong.”

16. “My son loves white chocolate.”

17. “I liked that shirt.”

18. “Dropped in a 5-gallon bucket of used motor oil”

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