15+ People Whose Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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A picture is worth a thousand words. And these photos speak volumes about who they are and what they stand for. Their love manifests itself in all forms, whether through written words, acts of kindness, or selfless acts. So, if you want to see how real love works, scroll through this gallery.

The Bright Side team assembled a collection of people who know how to show that they care by doing as much as they can for others.

1. “I’ll do anything to support my mother’s business.”

Thiago Pantaleão, an influencer with almost 400,000 followers, posted several pictures of himself wearing one of his mother’s hand-knit bikinis on Instagram to promote and showcase his mother’s talent and support her business.

2. “My grandfather grew his hair to donate to cancer patients.”


4. “Someone took Polaroids of my car and left them in my seat for me to find.”

5. “My kiddo made 3 years today, he is really into Spider-Man so I made a little surprise appearance on his birthday.”


7. “Had to take the family to Target and my nearly 3-year-old wanted to wear a cape and be a hero because ’people are sick.’”

8. “Neighbor left about a dozen of these aloe vera in front of her home for people to use for their sunburns today which was a steaming 98 degrees Fahrenheit.”


10. “My mom and I got matching tattoos.”


12. “Shaving my head tomorrow to raise money for cancer research.”

13. “After a heavy week of rain, one of my sunflowers keeled over — a mystery neighbor tied her back up for me.”

14. “My bf is a rescuer. This week they had a call on a stray cat stuck in a car engine crying for help. She was adopted by the car owner right away.”

15. “A small bakery in Uttar Pradesh, India gives out free cakes to orphans between 1 and 14 years old.”

16. “My cat was feeling self-conscious about his shaved leg after IV, so I sacrificed some hair too.”

Do you know of someone who is full of love and care? What is the most unusual way someone has shown their love to you?


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