15 Times People Showed Off Their Gorgeous Curls, and We’re Green With Envy

3 years ago

Having curly hair means never knowing how your bedhead will look because there can be several different curl types on one head. Your curls may be frizzy and break the laws of gravity but when they actually do behave, it’s a true hair victory. But once you see the beauty in the hair you’ve got, it’ll be a good hair day every day.

We at Bright Side have searched the Internet for pictures of natural curls, coils, and waves that make us fall in love with these dynamic locks.

1. “My son’s cowlick forms one giant curl.”

2. “It was super windy during my mountain elopement but my curls (mostly) behaved!”

3. “It’s hard to believe that I used to fight my curls and want straight hair so badly.”

4. “I finally grew out my salt and pepper locks.”

5. “Gave myself bangs last night. No regrets!”

6. “I grew up thinking I had straight hair, then I became a hairstylist and found out that my hair is about as straight as I am.”

7. “Multiple stylists told me textured hair couldn’t go white blonde. So I did it myself and it came out perfect!”

8. “Cut my hair yesterday. I feel so good!”

9. “Hoping our daughter has curly hair like her mom!”

10. “Some child with cancer is about to have a FABULOUS head of curly hair!”

11. “My first shag/curl transformation”

12. “When your curls decide to come out perfect on the day you have a first date”

13. “I’m finally happy with my curls 2.5 years after losing my hair from chemo.”

14. “I’ve been wearing my hair like the photo on the left for the majority of my life. I recently met someone who has encouraged me to embrace my inner curly girl!”

15. “When people say, “Why don’t you just brush it?”

Do you have curly or straight hair? When was the last time you had a really good hair day?

Preview photo credit gorange77 / Reddit


the last one!? so true!! I'm tired of explaining everyone I can't brush my hair once curls have formed. there's no way back, shower again or it can't be styled

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