19 People Who Look More Like Mutants Than Humans

3 years ago

There are a lot of strange things all around us, but we’ve gotten used to them. Some of the craziest human activities have even gotten awards. There’s The Darwin Award and The Ig Nobel Prize out there, so we are pretty experienced in the extraordinary, but sometimes people are just, well, weird.

Bright Side has collected photos of people who act like they’ve come from another planet and are just trying to keep up with the earthlings.

1. It’s hard to keep up with fashion.

2. Pure magic

3. If you want to sleep, you’ll sleep.

4. Can it fly?

5. What are those bottles for?

6. This is the real skill.

7. The pet we all deserve

8. Is that real?

9. A doctor of magic sciences

10. Science has no bounds.

11. Safety is beyond everything.

12. Captain

13. What if it starts to rain?

14. What’s going on here?

15. Who walking who?

16. How did they get there?

17. Sausage cult — where should I sign?

18. Phantom rider

19. A little rain is the least of her problems.

Which of these people seemed the strangest to you? What have you seen with your own eyes? Share what you’ve seen in the comments below.


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