20 Kitties Whose Love Can Warm You More Than a Thousand Fires

4 years ago

It seems that the internet was created to ease the process of sharing cat pictures and thereby heal stressed out people. According to this study, internet users post more than twice as many photos of their cats as they do selfies. We know that it’s pretty hard to stop admiring those fur balls and as our article shows, cats also love us, but express it in other ways.

Feeling a little exhausted? Bright Side wants you to see this collection of palpable love that will boost your mood.

1. We are friends fur-ever!

2. They are so made for each other.

3. “I have something to whisper in your ear.”

4. “My 100-year-old grandpa and his 17-year-old cat”

5. “If someone ever looks at me like this cat is looking at this firefighter, I will know I have done something good.”

6. In sickness and in health, through joy and sorrow, till death do us part.

7. “This cat is actually letting him read instead of standing in the middle of the paper. He really does love him.”

8. Come on! Let’s not hide our feelings.

9. You’re not going to leave me alone. I’m going to work with you!

10. “When the cat chooses you, this is true happiness.”

11. “He never leaves my side as soon as I’m home from my treatments!”

12. “The best is when they get big but still want to lay like that.”

13. I will protect your dreams from all the light in your room.

14. It’s so obvious that this cat is madly in love.

15. What? I will never ever leave you!

16. “The hospital where my grandma is living her last few days allowed us to bring her cat in to visit her.”

17. You are my human from now on!

18. Here we are not sure if the cat loves the owner or the tattoo more.

19. This is a purrrfect nap.

20. They are a great match.

Which picture made you go “aww?” Let us know and don’t forget to share your cuties with us in the comments!


And my kittens are scared to even come to any member of the family! I spend a lot of time with them and hopefully they will become the same friendly and adorable like cats on the photos :)
So, cats can express love, after all!
Who has a cat? Is he nasty or cute to you, guys?

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