20 Photos of People Whose Kindness Is Bigger Than Their Hearts

3 years ago

Let’s stop for a second to praise people and their ability to share moments of kindness with the rest of the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s humans helping others in need or assisting helpless animals, seeing them gives us hope and helps us see that we’re not so doomed after all.

Bright Side found some selfless people that we’re sure will bring more warmth to your day.

1. “A guy bottle feeding a kitten on the subway”

2. “Donated my hair to Angel Hair For Kids and raised over $8,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!”

3. “My father asked if he could cut my hair. He wants to learn and practice so he can cut my ill mother’s hair.”

4. “A security staff member keeping a customer’s dog dry while they shop”

5. “Taking care of an adorable little family that was left behind during an evacuation”

6. “I got an ’A’ both on my science and math tests. My little sister baked brownies and cupcakes for me!”

7. “I successfully donated a kidney to my sister who has been fighting lupus.”

8. “I’m an expedition leader and am missing the best bits of my job.”

9. “My brother is severely autistic. We took him on a pirate cruise and this awesome pirate treated him like his best friend.”

10. The trees the girl scout planted in 1968 is now a big forest.

11. “My dad (who has no idea how to cook) knew I’d be in meetings all day so he woke up extra early and made me pancakes and coffee.”

12. “Teaching my little people to pick up trash at the beach”

13. “Our neighbors helped us fix our broken sprinkler. I said thank you the only way I know how.”

14. “My mother-in-law petitioned to change out all the lights in her condo to be turtle safe, applied for funding, and got it!”

15. This nice man protecting an officer from the rain in Serbia

16. “The wooden mast had to be replaced by concrete, but they preserved the toucan’s house.”

17. “Cooper hasn’t been able to play with our neighbor’s dog. My husband lifts him up just so he can say hi.”

18. “When I got married, I was a size 24 and now I’m a size 10. Donated my dress to charity as larger women deserve to feel gorgeous on their wedding day too.”

19. “I spent 6 hours getting this kitty rescued. ‘Charger’ is all safe in my home now!”

20. “Saving forest bunnies from fires”

Which photo made you feel the most blissful? Do you have a kind act to add to this list?


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I loved them all, but that photo of dad's pancakes made me smile so wide 😁


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