22 Ordinary Things That Have Perfected the Art of Camouflage

2 years ago

Dogs looking like other animals, bags with their own emotions, and other curiosities might make you question your own vision. And the fact that Internet users keep on flabbergasting us with the most sock-knocking photos is just another reason why the world will never run out of curiosities.

We at Bright Side found these 22 photos that are nothing short of wonders of the world.

1. “A baby deer chilling on a chair.”

2. “My toothpaste came out looking like a nose.”

3. “This is a candle, and it has to be burned on a plate.”

4. Pup-corn

5. This rock made us feel hungry.

6. “This rock that looks like a half-eaten potato.”

7. If it was a real dog, it would really listen when you’d tell him to stay.

8. “I thought there were only 3 bears...”

9. “My buddy Liam kind of looks like a polar bear when he’s napping after his hike.”

10. “Rubber duckie, you’re the one — going in the salad.”

11. “The spilled yoke from my fried egg looks like a chick.”

12. The cutest door handle design we’ve ever seen

13. “I made a dessert that looks like a lemon.”

14. A Duracell pillow, perfect for recharging naps

15. This is a weird place to leave a slice of bread. Or wait — is it a sponge?

16. “My husband just tried to eat these ’gummy worms,’ a.k.a. my leftover yarn pieces.”

17. Someone looks like he wants you to have a good day!

18. A homemade cake shaped like a jalapeño

19. “Mike Wash-offski?”

20. “Vegan Airpods”

21. “My drink looks like a crocodile is looking at me.”

22. “Homemade buttermilk sponge cake, lemon curd, and aerated lemon syrup.”

What was the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen? Have you ever seen an example of pareidolia (when something is recognizable as other objects) in real life?


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