7 Celebrities Who, Oddly Enough, Got Rejected by Other Celebs but Became Great Friends Instead

9 months ago

We all know the struggles of dating, and, as surprising as it may seem, this is no different among celebs. The fact that they are richer or more famous than we do doesn’t mean that they are immune to rejection, but when they get snubbed by another celeb, the embarrassment is next level. However, many of these stars handled the situation maturely and have become friends instead of staying upset with each other.

1. Niall Horan and Katy Perry

Before Katy Perry’s engagement to Orlando Bloom, Perry was the guest judge on Niall Horan’s season of The X Factor. Once Horan’s group One Direction became popular, Perry started to see him around all the time, as he was trying to find a way to get closer to her.

Unluckily for Horan, Perry found him to be too young for her. She also said on the Fitzy & Wippa morning show, “I see him around all the time,” Perry continued. “He’s always trying to, like, get my number, to like, maybe flirt with me, but I’m like, ’I could babysit you. I’m like your mom!’”

2. Emma Watson and Tom Felton

MCMULLAN CO / SIPA / East News, © t22felton / Instagram

In our favorite Harry Potter movies, Hermione and Draco were sworn enemies, as they were in different houses, but in real life, things were quite the opposite. Emma Watson had a massive crush on Tom Felton since the age of 10, but unfortunately, she got rejected by the actor.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, Watson said, “He was a few years older, and he had a skateboard — and that just did it, really. The thing is that he’d tell everyone, ’I see her in a younger, sisterly way.’ It just broke my heart. It still does.” Fortunately, the 2 are still, to this day, best friends, and many Instagram posts show this to be true.

3. Justin Bieber and Rihanna

Justin Bieber once decided to shoot his shot with our beloved Rihanna, but his brave attempt came to an end quickly. When Bieber asked Rihanna for her number, she just said, “Nah.” Apparently, she found him too young, which is expected since Justin was 6 years younger than her. But this didn’t keep them from becoming friends instead.

4. Drake and Nicki Minaj

The relationship between these 2 celebs dates all the way back to 2010. Drake admitted multiple times that he’s always had a crush on her, but Nicki Minaj always considered him more like a brother, as he tried to hang out with her before but got totally rejected.

Drake got candid on the topic with MTV, saying, “I’ve always really, actually, really had a crush on her, always really loved her, and she’s always just looked at me as, like, her little brother.” Even if they didn’t work out romantically, they are very good friends to this day, and they like to joke with each other about the past.

5. Harry Styles and Lindsay Lohan

MAVRIXONLINE.COM / East News, Everett Collection / East News

Their story is a very funny one, as Harry Styles and Lindsay Lohan didn’t know each other beforehand, but this didn’t stop Styles from doing what he did. The singer once came to Lohan’s hotel room in the middle of the night, explaining that he was sent to her. Lohan once explained the situation from her point of view and why she turned him away.

“I didn’t know it was him... I said, ’Well, you’re very good-looking — can I help you?’” she recalled. “He was like, ’I’m Harry. Gavin and Michael sent me here.’ I was in bed. I was like, ’I’m going to bed, but it was nice to meet you.’” Simply put, Lohan turned down a night with Styles, but this made for a nice memory that both look back on with smiles on their faces.

6. Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show / East News

Nicole Kidman has always had a hidden crush on Jimmy Fallon. The 2 met through a mutual friend at Fallon’s house, but at the time, he didn’t realize what was going on or why she wanted to hang out with him. Years later, she revealed the truth to him on his own show, and it blew Fallon’s mind when he found out Kidman actually liked him, and he rejected her accidentally. After the truth was revealed, they could have a friendly laugh about it.

7. Drake and Rihanna

PictureGroup / Sipa USA / East News, Charles Sykes / Invision / AP / East News

Nicki Minaj wasn’t the only woman with whom Drake tried to shoot his shot. Deeper than that, Drake’s feelings toward Rihanna were always open, mainly after he delivered a love speech to Riri while presenting her with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Drake tried to kiss her on the cheek, but she swerved him to avoid the kiss and make it look like a hug. Even so, they began dating less than a week later. Since then, things have ended, but they’ve become reliable best friends.

What would you do if the person you liked rejected you? Would you 2 be friends?

Rihanna’s philanthropic endeavors are making waves as she continues to leverage her influence for global good. The singer has been actively involved in charity work since she was 18, starting with the Believe Foundation aimed at helping children with terminal illnesses. She later founded the Clara Lionel Foundation, which has a global reach in providing education, health, and emergency aid. The star also organizes the annual Diamond Ball to raise funds for her foundation. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed; she has received several awards for her humanitarian work, including the Peter J. Gomes Humanitarian Award from Harvard.


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