Chocolate Milk Is More Effective Than Any Other Sports Drink, Study Finds

3 years ago

An athletic diet doesn’t exactly indicate something sweet and tasty. Yet, a review of many studies convinces us otherwise. Chocolate milk, previously scorned as a junk-food drink that leads to childhood obesity, is making a comeback with an unforeseen new reputation: the perfect beverage for sporty guys and gals after a grueling workout.

Bright Side has investigated the curious case of chocolate milk and is in a hurry to share the results with you.

Chocolate milk is nutritionally perfect

After a workout, athletes can reduce muscle pain and stiffness by consuming the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. The ideal ratio is 4 grams of carbs to 1 gram of protein. And unlike sports drinks or even ordinary milk, chocolate milk hits this ratio perfectly.

  • Like milk, it contains a lot of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, B, D, and potassium. While milk lacks carbs and calories, chocolate milk makes up for that with sugars and cacao.
  • It’s also a far more nutritionally well-rounded drink than sports drinks since chocolate milk contains healthy fats and naturally occurring minerals.

Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink

Recovery is an important time after intense workouts. In this period, athletes need to:

  • Rehydrate after all that sweating
  • Replace the nutrients they’ve just spent

Chocolate milk refuels the body’s losses — both in fluids and nutrients. It provides a shorter recovery time than sports drinks and renews exhausted muscles faster, restoring them to their peak potential. Research showed that athletes who drank chocolate milk performed much better after a break than those who drank sports drinks. So it helps athletes boost their power and overall improve their training.

Chocolate milk is essential for muscle repair

The first 30 to 45 minutes after the workout is the window of opportunity for athletes when the muscles are most receptive to the protein and sugar they will use to rebuild themselves. Chocolate milk creates an instant rise in insulin, carrying sugar into the muscle tissue. It repairs the tissue and promotes muscle growth better than sports drinks. Its protein also helps us to lose fat and gain more lean muscle than any other alternatives.

How do you workout? Which post-workout snacks do you prefer?


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i drink chocolate milk like every night and i still dont even have like 2pack😓😭😥😠 rip me


No need to blow money on expensive sports drinks anymore - chocolate milk is much cheaper. And now, there are only 3 beverages in my diet - chocolate milk, water, and fruit juice. I'll even save a lot of money since there's no more soda in my diet - it's even more expensive than all those 3 drinks and even sports drinks.


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