Barry Keoghan’s Story Proves That Hard Work Always Pays Off

11 months ago

Everyone has their own story, and none of us have had a perfect life. However, an unlucky childhood doesn’t mean you will fail in life. Barry Keoghan is living proof that with hard and dedicated work, the sky is the limit, and anything can be achieved. The actor didn’t have a perfect childhood, but he had a goal in mind, and that goal was achieved. Here is how he accomplished everything.

Barry had a rough time growing up.

The actor didn’t have a perfect childhood. His mother passed away at the age of 30 when he was just 12 years old. Keoghan says that he has a lot of good memories of his mom. He believes that she is always with him, crediting her as the reason for his success. After that happened, he was placed in 13 different foster homes. He once said, “As a kid, you don’t know what is happening. You get attached to one place, and boom... you have to move to a new one.”

Sharing his time spent going from home to home, he said, “I don’t have a hometown, that’s what I’m saying. It’s a weird one.” His aunt and grandmother raised him, his brother Eric, and his sister Gemma. His older sister even quit her job to assist in caring for him and his brother.

He was determined to become a star.

Barry is originally from Dublin but now lives in Los Angeles. His acting career started after responding to an advertisement he saw in a shop window. After nagging a movie director for 3 years with audition requests, he finally secured a role. Keoghan started his acting career in America after his agent sent a terrible quality video of Barry that the director thought was probably filmed in his grandmother’s bedroom. But there was something that the filmmaker liked about Keoghan, and he got the role.

Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News

The actor is proof that hard work pays off.

Barry performed in school plays at the O’Connell School in Dublin as a kid but was expelled for “messing around.” He credits his cinema education to sneaking into movies with pals at Cineworld, where he was banned from going. Keoghan struggled to make ends meet while attending The Factory, a theater school in Dublin, but he was determined to follow his dream of becoming an actor. He recalled, “not even having €2.20 ($2.38) to take the bus.”

He went from dreaming of being a superhero to becoming one.

Luis Guerra/The Grosby Group/EAST NEWS

Acting in the movie Eternals was Barry’s dream, as he said he wanted to be a superhero. In 2013, Barry publicly asked Marvel master Stan Lee on Twitter if he could be a superhero, and his wish came true. This proves that anything can be achieved if you work hard and have a vision. Keoghan hopes this movie will inspire young people in Dublin to be successful like him.

He is one of the youngest actors to be nominated for an Oscar.


Keoghan was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2023 for his role as Dominic in Martin McDonagh’s 2022 film The Banshees of Inisherin. He is only 30 and managed to stand alongside some film legends like Judd Hirsch and his co-star Brendan Gleeson at such a young age. Getting nominated at any age is a significant achievement, let alone at 30, and Barry managed to do that.


His girlfriend didn’t believe that he was an actor.

Barry and Alyson Sandro have been dating for 2 years after meeting in a pub. At the time, she didn’t believe he was an actor. Then Barry showed her pictures from his superhero movie sets, plus a selfie with Angelina Jolie, and it became clear to Alyson that he wasn’t lying. In 2022, the couple had their first son. Keoghan spoke up about being a parent for the first time, claiming, “It’s a love I’ve not felt before.”

Preview photo credit keoghan92 / Instagram, Luis Guerra/The Grosby Group/EAST NEWS


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