Give Your Home an Upgrade With These 10 Ultimate Home Products That Actually Work

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It is time to finally create a home you love and will enjoy living in. Choose home improvement projects that will increase the enjoyment of your space, and that won’t empty your wallet.

Here is a list of products from Amazon that will help you create a space you love, no matter where you live.

1. If you’re tired of looking at plain white walls in your home, try to decorate them with these 3D wall panels. Buyers point out that they look fantastic with colorful LED lights. They come in a package of 33 tiles and can cover a surface area of 31.96 ft2 (2.97 m2).

Promising review: A beautiful transformation in a matter of hours. There are, I believe, 35 tiles on my wall alone, so it covers a good amount of space. Really easy to install with no nails or glue.
One tip, though: get decent scissors or a sharp knife to cut them, as they can be fiddly, but overall, they are the best. I would recommend 100%. To finish, get some painters’ chalk and fill in any gaps, and I’ll put LED lights behind these. @christina marti

2. Does your tired furniture desperately need a makeover? These chair seat covers will save you the expense of buying new dining chairs or upholstering old ones. The covers fit most chair seat sizes because they are elastic around the edges, so they slip on your chair seats easily.

Promising review: They arrived quickly and were so easy to put on. It took me no more than 20 minutes to complete 4 chairs. Very pleased with the outcome! They seem to be good quality, and it’s nice to know they’ll be easy to take off and wash if needed. @Katy N.

3. If you’re renting and don’t want to damage the property, these self-adhesive hooks will come in handy and eliminate the need to drill or screw into doors or walls. These hooks are super durable, even for wet environments, have a capacity of 33 lbs (15 kg), and come in a set of 10.

Promising review: So far, this is one of the best products I have bought. I have used it on the back of my doors to hang clothes and on bathroom tiles.
It’s not only saving space, but I’m impressed with the adhesion, and so far, so good. I gave a couple to a friend who is going to buy a boxload. @Mr Lee

4. Add a bit of a personal touch and style to standard and boring drawers with these hexagon knobs. They are made of solid, 100% copper and come in a set of 10, together with mounting screws.

Promising review: These are fabulous! It fit perfectly on an IKEA Hemnes and could be installed in less than 10 minutes using the existing screws. Resulted in something a bit different and a high-end finish. Would recommend. @Ian Hallam-Day

5. Restore the shine of your old and dear silverware or jewelry with a Quickshine silver bath. All you need to do is place tarnished silverware and silver-plated items into a bowl of boiling water with a Quickshine sachet, and after soaking for 15 to 20 minutes, they will look brand new.

Promising review: My silver cat with egg cup was almost black, as seen in the photo. I hadn’t been cleaned in at least 20 years. It came out really clean. I just finished it off with a few minutes of polishing with a silver cloth to bring the shine fully back.
It only took a few minutes, though, as the silver bath had done the hard work. Will definitely use again. @A Cork

6. Rather than repainting or retiling your old tiles, consider covering them with these colorful stickers. They will give your home a whole new look within minutes. The vinyl stickers come in a set of 24 pieces and have lots of different patterns in one pack.

Promising review: I absolutely love these tile stickers! My kitchen was in desperate need of some color and these were perfect! They are simple to apply once you get the hang of it, and they are easy to cut around plug sockets. It has made such a difference. Everyone has commented on how nice these look! @lynn

7. Hexagonal geometric shapes are appealing almost anywhere. These hexagonal floating shelves will look gorgeous as display shelves, and their rustic style will bring so much character to your interior.

Promising review: These look gorgeous on display! Packaged very well and easy to fix to your wall. They’re a really lovely decoration to add something a little different. @Ellis Ruby

8. Given that wooden furniture is frequently used for a number of decades, it is inevitable that occasional accidents might cause damage to it. This wood finish marker will conceal any scratches or chips on the furniture from your sight. And it is available in 4 different colors of wood.

Promising review: I am so amazingly impressed. It was easy to use and worked perfectly. I wish I had more scratches in the floor, so I could make them disappear. I’ve bored all of my family and friends by sending before and after pictures. After today, I think I’m going to get a tattoo of this stain marker. @Meg C

9. If you struggle with hard water and low pressure while showering, changing the shower head to one with a filter can improve the situation. The filtration shower head is equipped with mineral balls that effectively purify the water. “This shower head has helped reduce my hair loss by at least 50%,” claims N. Farestveit.

Promising review: My bathroom shower has no pressure at all, and the water just dribbles out of the old shower head.
Once I installed this new head, I was surprised by how powerful it was. I used to think the pressure difference was fake, but I would urge anyone who struggles with low pressure to get one of these. I was finally able to have nice showers again. @J

10. With only one pen, you can change the color of the grout in the bathroom and kitchen. The room will look much fresher and cleaner after only 30 minutes of work. This grout reviver pen dries in 60 minutes, so the shower can be used shortly after application.

Promising review: We updated our bathroom recently and painted the tiles. Some paint went in the grout, and this covers it perfectly. I found it easy to use — just follow the instructions. There was no flaking or yellowing at all, and it has been a couple of months. There is also plenty in the tube for future touch-ups, if needed. @Sarah B

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