My Husband Supports Me Dating Other Men and Even Helps Me Find the Right Ones

8 months ago

Different couples have different ways of spending time together. Some prefer to have a walk together, others — to watch a series, but this married couple went beyond what is called normal because their shared activity is finding men for the wife to date.

Model Alexandra Le Tissier and her husband Mitch have been together for more than 10 years. He gives her the freedom to use a dating app and see other men, as long as he agrees with her choice. Their relationship has a different kind of trust.

Alex, who is still very much in love with her husband, wanted to make new connections on a dating app and asked Mitch, who is 32, for his permission. He said yes right away. “I’ve not even been through all of my matches yet. I can be really strict,” Alex explained. “I have been culling people depending on like their hairline and old they are. So it’s been quite a fun experience.”

The couple are happy with their new relationship arrangement, but they have faced some criticism after Alex shared her dating app adventure on Twitter. Some wrote to Mitch and encouraged him to join the dating app too without his wife knowing it.

“It’s just really funny that people think that I would just do it without letting him know — and then post it on my Twitter. People are weird,” she said. “I just think that was a bit shady.”

Alex is looking forward to having more fun in her love life with multiple partners, but she is also happy that dating apps have helped her and Mitch become closer as a couple.

We are happy that this couple found their unique way to happiness. This couple (56 and 61), for example, decided to start working out together, and you can check the results of their hard work here.


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