Science Says Everything on the Beach Is Good for You: the Water, the Breeze, the Sand, the Sounds, and Even the Colors

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The beach can be very beneficial to us, emotionally and physically. It’s the best cure for when we feel angry, anxious, or stressed. Apart from making our overall mental health better, it can also treat skin conditions and even help us burn a few calories.

Bright Side will now explain what the beach can do for our health.

The water

Ocean water is rich in a lot of minerals which can help heal skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and the water itself can help with things like nasal irrigation, sinusitis, and a high fever. It can also increase the release of the “feel-good” hormones: dopamine and serotonin.
Swimming in the ocean is an exercise that has great benefits for mental health due to the restorative effects it has while we are in contact with nature.

The breeze

An ocean breeze can help to detoxify the body. When we are at the beach, we are filling our lungs with negative ions that will boost our immune system. These negative ions can also have an anti-depressant effect on us and can alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.
The air makes you feel more relaxed after a day at the beach and will help you to sleep much better.

The sand

Sand is a natural exfoliant and can slough off the dead skin from our feet. Sand can also improve our health and slow down aging as we absorb the earth’s electrons when walking on it. The act of putting our feet on warm sand also causes people to relax. Additionally, walking on the sand helps you to stay fit, as it takes more effort to walk on it than on the more solid ground. You also end up burning more calories if you walk or run on the sand.

The sounds

The sound of the ocean waves brings the sensation of peace and balance. It improves the brain’s relaxation since it slows down our brain. In fact, the brain tends to react positively to water in general, including its sound. It has the capacity to increase our self-knowledge and insight, as well as heal what we feel is broken.

The color

A study revealed that people who live with a view to the ocean are less stressed. According to this study, there is a link between health and the blue color of the water and the sky. In general, the color blue makes people feel more calm and relaxed. The beach is a perfect scenario for people who are looking for tranquility and quietness.

Do you go to the beach often? Do you feel any of these benefits when it comes to your health?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I've never swam in a sea before in my life.. all the seas around me are SUPER cold


sure, if you live in Florida or LA.. not when you live in europe and the northsea is super cold ?


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