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17 Pics Captured at the Luckiest Moment

You don’t always need to be a pro photographer to get an unbeatable photo, sometimes all we need is luck and an impressive sight. These opportunities are waiting all around us, from soap faces looking up at us in the sink to mind-bending shadows and reflections. Discover people’s photos that they simply had to share with the world, like what a balloon looks like the exact moment it pops.

Bright Side has found some photos that show how the world is full of picture-worthy moments, even where you least expect to see them.

1. “My wife was getting out of the truck when the wind was blasting super-fast...”

2. “My washing up sink is staring back at me.”

3. “I took a picture of a ‘ghost’ Chickadee!”

4. “The mirror in my hotel room is awfully judgmental.”

5. “I somehow managed to take this photo at the exact moment the balloon popped so it looks like a balloon ghost!!”

6. “Is my cat upside down or down side up?”

7. “This shadow looks like a person.”

8. “This silhouette on the sidewalk also represents what I was doing at the moment I took the picture.”

9. “My phone vibrated from a text message at the exact moment I took a picture of San Francisco.”

10. “Hehe my dog.”

11. “This sun reflection through my window is shaped like a sword!!”

12. “This dog with a human body.”

13. “No edits, and not long exposure. This was literally by chance, that they were in an almost perfect row.”

14. “Indirect sunlight on an old stone building from a new glass building”

15. “The shadow of my Kitchen Aid mixer looks like a person with a tiny bun.”

16. “This Grinch shaped cloud”

17. “I took a picture the moment the firework exploded.”

What is the best photo you have ever taken? Have you witnessed something that you cannot explain but that you caught on camera?

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