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18 People Who Could Win a Gold Medal for Pumpkin Carving

Every year, nearly 9 billion dollars are collectively spent on Halloween! But can this money bring on a celebratory mood? We don’t think so either. The most important thing about this holiday is creativity and the desire to make something different, whether it be with costumes, food, or pumpkin carving!

Bright Side has found 18 pumpkins that were carved with fantasy and accuracy in mind. Don’t miss our bonus at the end!

1. It looks very friendly though!

2. Are those chocolate rats?

3. This should be outside the dentist’s office as an add.

4. Tony Stark is always a good idea!

5. Where is the clown’s nose?

6. This face looks suspicious...

7. Eating away at our own self-imposed limitations

8. “Let’s go, Morty!”

9. We just drowned in these eyes.

10. Aggressive

11. We can’t read this customer’s face. Are they happy or angry?

12. Lovely friends

13. Is that Charles Bukowski?

14. Is there a Thanos pumpkin?

15. Somebody uses dark magic on Halloween...

16. Can you see Jinghis Khan and Orc in one?

17. The finest work

18. A pumpkin/watermelon hybrid

Bonus: less is more.

Are you going to carve a pumpkin this Halloween? What was the coolest one you ever made? Share it with us in the comments!

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