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20+ Then and Now Pics That Bring the Sweet Smell of Nostalgia

It’s natural to feel nostalgic for times gone by, and this may even be beneficial for our health and social connections. But some people not only reminisce about good times, but they also put their energy and creative skills to work in order to bring them back.

We at Bright Side treasure fond memories, so we’ve gathered some photos of people who do the same. Read to the end of the article to find out why arranging such photos can be harder than you think.

1. “Mom and daughter at their third birthdays, wearing the same dress, lovingly restored by Nana”

2. “Me holding onto my girl at my high school graduation in 2002 — I’m holding on to her even tighter at hers in 2020.”

3. “Playing with a cricket, the 1980s vs 2020”

4. “My bros and me”

5. “To remember my father on Father’s Day, I’ve re-created some photos that he took on a trip to Amsterdam.”

6. “Kitten to cat and baby to kid”

7. “Met with my brother to recreate some old pictures from 20 years ago!”

8. “17 years of marriage today, so we decided to try and recreate one of our favorite wedding pics!”

9. “It’s all I ever wanted for my sixtieth birthday.”

10. “My cousins and I recreating our pictures 16 years later”

11. “A few years ago, my siblings, cousins, and I recreated photos from past Christmases.”

12. “My dad and me in 1971, and my son and me in 2011 — same shirt!”

13. Those smiles stayed absolutely the same.

14. “Gatorland Zoo in Florida”

15. “Our kiddo turned 18 yesterday, so we decided to recreate one of their first home photos.”

16. “My grandparents on April 5, 1961, and again on April 5, 2021”

17. “A picture of my cat and me, 12 years apart”

18. “A lot can change in 22 years. Some things never do.”

19. “One of us has changed more than the others.”

20. “18 years and counting of being best friends, ages 5 and 23”

21. “Our twentieth wedding anniversary”

22. “My amazing mom with my daughter (right) and me (left)”

23. “Bomb pops, 1997 and 2020”

Bonus: “I’ve finally recreated it!”

Which sweet memories of yours would you like to recreate? We’d love to see your photos!

Preview photo credit mammacarrie / reddit
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