10 Ordinary Things That Have a Purpose We Weren’t Aware Of

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Sometimes, when we see a weird square patch on a backpack, extra holes on sneakers, or a floral print on pantyliners, we tend to think that these things are just the product of a designer’s imagination. But we decided to dig deeper and find out whether they have a purpose we weren’t aware of.

A “pig snout” on a backpack

Many backpacks have a square patch with 2 slits on it. It’s called a lash tab or a pig snout. And it’s not just for decoration. Originally, a lash tab was designed for hikers or cyclists to pass string or rope through in order to fasten some equipment, like a flashlight, a flask, etc. But if your backpack is not for hiking, you can use your lash tab for carrying a pair of sneakers when you go to the gym, for example.

The bathroom sink overflow

As a rule, an ordinary bathroom sink has 3 holes: a hole for a faucet, a drain hole, and a mysterious small hole near the top of the basin, which is called a sink overflow. The sink overflow is connected to the drain pipe. It channels water down into the drain if the drain of the sink is closed. Thanks to this opening, water won’t spill out of the sink onto the floor.

But this is not the only purpose of a sink overflow. It also improves drainage. It feeds air to the drain pipe, thanks to which, the water drains much faster. Sinks that don’t have overflow openings typically drain more slowly.

Extra lace holes on sneakers

Almost all sneakers have extra lace holes, but very few people use them. But these holes help to keep your feet secured inside the shoes and prevent blisters. You just need to thread your shoelaces through these holes and tie them. This way, you’ll get a more comfortable wearing experience.

Adhesive tape on diapers

Disposable panties and diapers are often equipped with a special adhesive tape. It’s usually located at the back, but sometimes you can find it on the front of the product.

This adhesive tape allows you to compactly fold a dirty diaper. If it’s in front, then the used diaper should be rolled up starting from its back half. If the tape is located at the back, then start twisting in front. After folding the diaper, the tape is used as an edge retainer.

A cutaway in a bicycle saddle

Some bicycle saddles have openings in the middle to reduce the pressure in the crotch area. As a rule, this saddle is popular among cyclists who have to spend hours sitting on it. However, those, who prefer short-time recreational cycling, are unlikely to feel the difference between a cutaway saddle and an ordinary saddle.

Holes in a Chupa Chups stick

Have you ever noticed little square holes in a Chupa Chups stick? Many of us probably wondered what their purpose was when we were little. The reason for these holes is to ensure that the head of the lollipop stays attached to the stick instead of coming loose and falling off of it. This is why a bit of candy always stays inside these holes.

The tiny pocket on jeans

The small pocket inside the right front pocket is part of the jean’s original design. Almost 150 years ago, the first blue jeans had 2 front pockets and a small pocket for a pocket watch, which was a common accessory of the day. Later, people started using this pocket to carry coins, tickets, lighters, and other little things.

A knife with a corkscrew

The purpose of a corkscrew is quite clear, but why is it attached to a folding knife? There is a reason for that.

Waiters and sommeliers use the knife to remove the bottleneck capsule. And after that, they can open a bottle with a corkscrew. This tool is called a “sommelier knife.” It’s easy to carry in a pocket, and you don’t need any other tools to open a bottle.

A hole in a spaghetti spoon

A spaghetti spoon makes stirring and serving pasta easy. But even though it’s quite clear what the spoon itself is for, the purpose of the hole in the center of the spoon is not as obvious. But it turns out that everything is simple.

This hole allows you to measure out one serving of spaghetti. So, with this spoon, you can be sure that you’re cooking the right amount of pasta.

Patterns on pantyliners

You can find different patterns on pantyliners produced by different manufacturers. However, contrary to popular belief, these patterns are not just there for decoration. They let pantyliners easily adapt to your body shape. They also make them softer, more flexible, and more durable.

What else out there has a purpose that puzzles you?


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'10 ordinary things that anyone should know, and/or can figure out if they give a second's thought to it'


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