14 Dads Who’d Do Crazy Things for Their Beloved Daughters

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4 years ago

It’s wrong to think that mothers are more important when raising a daughter. Fathers are the man of the house for every little girl. Good relationships built between fathers and daughters are essential for a happy, carefree childhood and the child’s entire life. That’s why dads who apply the maximum efforts to make childhood a fairytale for their daughters are worthy of admiration.

Bright Side put together 14 short stories of dads who could deservedly be awarded with “Father of the Year.” Their daughters are definitely “Daddy’s girls.”

14. “OMG, my heart is exploding right now. Dad of the Year just passed out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3 year old could trick or treat.”

13. A father built a tree in his daughter’s bedroom. A real fairytale!

12. “Every month this year, my husband has taken our daughter out on ‘dates.’ He brings her home flowers, helps her pick out a dress, and takes her out to split a dessert with him. It’s become a tradition.”

11. “Taking my daughter camping is one of my favorite parts of being a dad.”

10. “My dad walked me to school on my very first day & today he walked me to school on my very last day.”

9. “My dad took time from his job to go to my sisters classroom and drop off flowers.”

8. “If you’re not gonna be this type of father to my future kids, I don’t want ya.”

7. “My daughter and I are ready to terrorize the neighborhood again this Halloween.”

6. “Yes, this is me tearing up when I saw my dad surprise me in a tux because he believed I should have a date to senior prom.”

5. “My dad carried me to school on his shoulders on my very first day & today he carried me to school the same way on my very last day.”

4. It seems we’ve finally found the costume of a true “Father of the Year.”

3. “My little sis had an accident today at kindergarten & this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn’t feel so sad and embarrassed.”

2. “My dad works so much & he didn’t get to see me before prom yesterday, so I got ready again today since he was upset about no pictures.”

1. A dad built a Ninja Warrior course for his daughter.

Do you have cute photos like these with your fathers or daughters? Share them in the comments with your story.

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