16 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Enter the Kitchen

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While everyone eats, it doesn’t mean that everyone is capable of creating their own meals or meals for anyone else. For example, someone with very low levels of patience won’t be able to create a meal that requires a lot of waiting time. Also, sometimes recipes are purposefully missing vital pieces of information, so people will mess them up. But it’s not only home cooks that have trouble preparing meals, but also restaurants who think they know better when they really don’t.

1. “The chicken sandwich I got today”

2. “Crab boiled in Pepsi Max for 2 hours served in a baguette”

3. “I was making Thai basil chicken then I turned around for a minute and my brother put blue food dye in it. He’s 19.”

4. “$15 ’grilled’ veggie sub”

5. “What I was going for vs what I ended up with — I tried to make candied fruit.”

6. “I was out of milk for my mashed potatoes, so I used chocolate milk.”

7. “Caprese salad takeout from a local restaurant”

8. “A sandwich my dad likes to eat: raw ground beef with raw onions and white pepper on hard bread”

9. “My boss eats this depressing lunch every day.”

10. “Work told us that they were providing us with lunch today.”

11. “Ordered Caesar salad for $15 from one of the local restaurants.”

12. “Sliced homemade sourdough bread topped with creamy light brie cheese, preheat oven to 350° and bake for 11 hours.”

13. “I ordered carbonara from a ’5-star Uber restaurant.’”

14. “This was $20.”

15. “A birthday cake I made for my husband — he’s so lucky to have me.”

16. “These ’treats’ my mom made for Easter/April Fools’ Day”

Have you ever been to a restaurant that looked quite decent, only to be disappointed by the absolutely unforgivable food they served and charged you for?

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