Amber Heard Is One of World’s Most Beautiful Women, According to Science

7 months ago

Beauty is, for the most part, subjective, but there is one ancient formula that scientists claim can accurately calculate any person’s attractiveness. Dr. Julian De Silva, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, applied this formula to various celebrities and determined that Amber Heard has a face card to rule them all. Let’s see exactly how perfect Heard is.

How Amber Heard’s “perfection” was calculated.

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Dr. Julian De Silva used the Golden Ratio, which mathematically identifies the most pleasing image in people’s eyes. The surgeon applied this divine proportion to Heard’s face and determined that she’s 91.85% as close to perfect as one can get. Specifically, it was the position of the actress’s eyes, nose, lips, and chin that coincided with the Golden Ratio so closely.

Dr. De Silva shared, “The Greeks discovered that the ratio occurs everywhere in nature, and for thousands of years it has been thought to hold the secret formula of the world’s most beautiful faces.” And for someone in his line of work, this formula can be a gold mine.

The rest of Heard’s “perfect” company

While Heard shows incredible results on the Golden Ratio scale, she isn’t the leader in the world. In 2022, a Harley Street surgeon did their own research based on the Greek standards and shared their findings. Surprisingly, Bella Hadid, who Dr. De Silva claimed reigned supreme, was overtaken by not 1, but 2 famous women.

While Hadid sits comfortably in third place with a score of 94.35%, Zendaya barely surpassed her in second place with 94.37%. And yet, there was another person with even more perfect features. The winner was announced as Jodie Comer, Killing Eve and Free Guy star. Comer’s face scored 94.52% on the Golden Ratio scale, but we’re curious about who could be next to beat her in this race.

The surgeon shares the most desirable facial features.

Another important aspect of Dr. De Silva’s work is determining separate features of celebrities that can appeal to his clients. For example, according to his research, Kim Kardashian has the most perfectly shaped eyebrows, Scarlett Johansson has the most beautiful eyes, Kate Moss has the most enviable forehead, and Emily Ratajkowski has the most luscious lips.

Curiously, just over a decade ago, women were lusting over other celebrities’ faces. In 2008, plastic surgeons were busy creating lips after Angelina Jolie’s image. At the time, Jolie’s lips were a picture of perfection, while Katie Holmes’ eyes caught everyone’s attention. And, according to past research, Jessica Biel boasted the most perfect body.

Robert Pattinson is the leader among men.

Now that we’ve covered all the ladies, it’s time to switch our attention to “perfect” celebrity men. According to the Golden Ratio, Robert Pattinson’s facial features took the crown. The Twilight star clocked in at 92.15% on the perfection scale, so it’s no wonder he’s made millions of girls go crazy about him over the years.

Second place was given to Henry Cavill, who gave Pattinson some competition with his 91.64%. At the same time, Bradley Cooper snatched third place, closely followed by the timeless George Clooney.

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