Find Out Which Red Carpet Look Stole the Show the Year You Were Born

3 years ago

Red carpet fashion changes fast, and it becomes truly evident when you look at iconic outfits from several decades in a row and compare them. From modest dresses worn by Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor in the ’50s, through the risky outfits of Madonna and Raquel Welch from the ’80s, to modern classics of the 00s chosen by Julia Roberts and Beyoncé, it’s an unforgettable journey to the past and back.

We at Bright Side tried to recall stunning female celebrity outfits from each year from 1955 till 2010, and we came up with our own encyclopedia of red carpet fashion. Stay with us to find out which looks were hits in the last few decades. We hope you enjoy a little time traveling!

1955: Grace Kelly

1956: Marilyn Monroe

1957: Elizabeth Taylor

1958: Joanne Woodward

1959: Sophia Loren

1960: Janet Leigh

1961: Elizabeth Taylor

1962: Rita Moreno

1963: Sophia Loren

1964: Sophia Loren

1965: Audrey Hepburn

1966: Elke Sommers

1967: Natalie Wood

1968: Audrey Hepburn

1969: Barbara Streisand

1970: Liza Minnelli

1971: Barbra Steisand

1972: Raquel Welch

1973: Cher

1974: Cicely Tyson

1975: Anjelica Huston

1976: Diane Keaton

1977: Cicely Tyson

1978: Diane Keaton

1979: Jane Fonda

1980: Meryl Streep

1981: Diana Ross

1982: Kathleen Turner

1983: Drew Barrymore

1984: Madonna

1985: Diana Ross

1986: Whitney Houston

1987: Princess Diana

1988: Raquel Welch

1989: Geena Davis

1990: Brooke Shields

1991: Mariah Carey

1992: Demi Moore

1993: Whoopi Goldberg

1994: Oprah Winfrey

1995: Natalie Cole

1996: Susan Sarandon

1997: Nicole Kidman

1998: Sharon Stone

1999: Gwyneth Paltrow

2000: Whitney Houston

2001: Julia Roberts

2002: Halle Berry

2003: Salma Hayek

2004: Julia Roberts

2005: Kate Winslet

2006: Jennifer Lopez

2007: Anne Hathaway

2008: Marion Cotillard

2009: Beyoncé

2010: Zoë Saldana

Which of these outfits is your favorite and why? Which red carpet looks do you like better — old ones or new ones? Let’s discuss it in the comments!


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