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25+ Treasures From Thrift Stores That Prove You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune to Wear Brand Names

Wearing brand names may sound expensive, but it turns out that you can buy luxurious clothes and accessories by famous companies for almost nothing. Experienced thrift hunters know where to find Prada bags, Valentino shoes, Gucci shirts, and Chanel jackets that retail for hundreds of dollars for just several bucks, and their finds make people’s jaws drop.

We at Bright Side got jealous when we saw these 28 luxurious thrift store finds, and now we know for sure that name brands don’t have to cost millions.


“I’ve leveled up in thrifting... Gucci sneakers for $2.50!”

“An absolutely stunning vintage Gucci scarf for only $7.50! So happy!”

“The thrift gods have blessed me today. I found a Gucci bag worth over $1,000 for $50!”

“A Gucci toddler dress I thrifted today — never worn and still on the original hanger, spent $20.”

“My white whale: an authentic Gucci shirt from the ’90s. Found it in a gigantic pile of used clothes at a flea market in Barcelona for $2.”


“I paid $10 for this!”

“Louboutins for $17.99 and Prada for $18.99!”

“My best find yet: a leather Prada handbag for $14.99!”

“A Prada denim jacket for $40 — not the cheapest find, but I’m happy with it.”


“Genuine Chanel rain boots, priced at $16 but on sale for $12! Can’t wait for the next storm.”

“Vintage Chanel cashmere for $6!”

“Chanel boots for $5? Don’t mind if I do.”

“A button-up Chanel jacket for $5.99”

“I was looking for a birthday gift for my bride...$85 for a vintage Chanel tassel bag, and she was over the moon!”


“My white whale: a pair of nearly new Valentino Rockstud flats in my size and color for $80. Retails for $975.”

“Vintage Valentino! $25!”

“Got these brand new Valentino pumps for $40 at Goodwill with the $600 retail tag still attached!”

“Mom found this vintage Valentino blazer for $4! She’s just thrilled about the shoulder pads!”

“A Valentino messenger bag for $42.50”

Yves Saint Laurent

“A Yves Saint Laurent jacket for $6.99”

“Vintage Yves Saint Laurent for $4.99!”

“I found a rare Yves Saint Laurent clutch bag for $3!”


“Vintage Givenchy dress from the ’70s for $12”

“Just scored a vintage Givenchy nightie for $3. It’s in my favorite color too.”

“A Givenchy tie for $2”

“An authentic Givenchy necklace for $4. I love thrifting.”


“Burberry for $2.99 each”

“I found this vintage Burberry trench coat at an estate sale today for $25!”

Do you like thrift hunting? Have you ever found luxurious items in thrift stores?

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