10 Design Mistakes to Stay Away From If You Want to Have a Cozy Bedroom

3 years ago

The bedroom is that personal space that each family member has within a home. Everyone is free to arrange it and decorate it according to their own preferences. However, we could be making several design “mistakes” that could be preventing us from making the most of this place. That’s why there are a few golden rules or sets of recommendations you can use to design a cozy bedroom. This way you might find it easier to design a bedroom that is just as cozy as it is practical.

Bright Side has prepared a list with 10 common “mistakes” people make when designing their bedroom and what you should do instead to create a Zen-like space while still properly expressing yourself.

1. Having nightstands that are either too high or too low

When choosing a nightstand for your room, make sure it is the right size and height. You’ll want to avoid it being too big or too small and too high or too low. There’s a quick hack you can use to get this right: the only thing you need is a lamp. The ideal nightstand should be one that is big enough for you to place your lamp on without it taking up a lot of space. It’s a good idea to have it at bed height too so that you can reach the lamp easily.

2. Having a bed that is way too big for the size of your room

When buying a new bed, it’s important to take into account the size of your room and to choose one that isn’t too big. As a rule of thumb, you should leave 30 in (76 cm) around each side of the bed and at the end of the bed. However, the measurements can vary depending on the actual size of the bed.

3. Having too many pillows

This one is a classic mistake that many people make. While some of us like to have a lot of decorative pillows on the bed, others don’t. But the fact is that the more things you have on your bed, the more cluttered your whole bedroom will look. It can even make it harder to make your bed in the morning. However, not having enough pillows can also make it look incomplete. You have to find the right balance between what you like and what your bed can handle.

4. Choosing the wrong headboard

The headboard of the bed should match the style and decor of the room so that you can create the right atmosphere. The size of the bed and the wall on which it will be located are other factors to take into account. Also, when choosing a new headboard, think about what function you’d like it to have. You might be buying it just for the look, for support, to protect the wall, or for all of these reasons at the same time.

5. Bringing work to your bedroom

Your bedroom is meant to be a space of relaxation and comfort. It’s not recommended to bring anything in there that can make you think of work. That’s why having a desk or a computer in your bedroom might not be the best idea. It could even affect your quality of sleep. If you don’t have room at home to use as an office, you can place your desk and/or computer as far as possible from the bed and, if possible, somewhere in the room where you can’t see them from bed when going to sleep. In this case, it’s also important to keep a tidy desk.

6. Using a rug that is too small for your room

If you are going to use a rug as decoration in your bedroom, make sure it takes up a large part of the sleeping area, otherwise, it can make it look less cozy. Ideally, it should cover the majority of the room.

7. Having light coming from just one source of illumination

Plan carefully where the source of light will be placed in your room and what type of light you want to have. You can have different types of lights in a room. Your choice/combination will depend on what you’ll be using each space for. If needed, place additional lights in specific places, such as on the nightstand, for when you want to read in bed, for example. But always keep in mind that more light doesn’t always make a place cozier. It’s better to focus on quality rather than on quantity.

8. Having curtains that are too thick or too thin

Curtains are a basic element in bedrooms because not only do they protect you from the cold getting in, but they also provide privacy for the whole room. However, remember that the thicker they are, the less they will let in daylight. This could make your room look very gloomy and dark, even in the morning when it’s supposed to be bright. You need to find the right balance between privacy and light. Nowadays you can use blinds to control how much light comes into your bedroom too.

9. Having too much furniture in your bedroom

Remember what the golden rule of design is: “Less is more.” A bedroom with too much furniture will not only make it look messier and/or more cluttered than it really is, but it also gives the impression that the whole room is smaller. The furniture used in bedrooms is usually already fairly big stuff (a bed, a headboard, nightstands, closets, etc.), so maybe it’s better to think carefully before adding more voluminous objects to this space in the house.

10. Painting walls using bright colors

It’s better to avoid painting the walls of your bedroom with bright colors like red, orange, or bright yellow. The same applies to all rooms that you’ll be using to rest, whether that be your bedroom or any other room. That’s because these shades of color prevent you from relaxing. It’s recommended to use light colors, which promote a sense of tranquility. White, for example, is a good choice because it makes the room look bigger. Of course, don’t forget to match your things (we’re talking about your bedsheets, furniture, carpets, etc.) to the walls.

Have you taken these recommendations into account when decorating your bedroom? What other things would you recommend doing to make the best use of your personal space?


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Not just about the look and design.... it is all to do with sleep hygiene too, a less cluttered bedroom and no work station/computer desk, the right curtains, bedding, cushions, a calm colour on the walls.... it all helps to calm your mind, relax and help you sleep 😴 🙂


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