10 Details That Make TV Shows and Movies Seem Like They’re Crossing Paths

year ago

When we watch our favorite show or movie, we might notice a feeling of familiarity creeping in. Certain details seem to repeat themselves, creating an uncanny sense of similarity. So let’s take a closer look at 10 bizarre similarities and have a good laugh while we’re at it. Read on to know more.

1. The essential shirt to fight a zombie apocalypse in.

2. The evil woman with a baby face and a sweet voice.

3. The short-sleeved shirt and black tie all scientists and engineers like to wear.

4. Characters no one thought would date that got together but broke up anyway.

5. The sophisticated villain in movies often wears his pinky ring.

6. All characters love their red jumpsuits.

7. The naughty kid, usually in a family with 2-3 kids.

8. The meek character always helps at the end.

9. The wicked vampire who turns into a kind-hearted person.

10. The classic shirt of the sitcom dad.


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