11 Times Marketers Created a Problem That Didn’t Exist to Make More Money Off of Us

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Usually, manufacturers have to create needs in potential consumers to sell their products. And some of these needs have nothing to do with reality. For example, they try to make us believe that split ends are some sort of a disease or that gluten is dangerous for your health. We decided to find out what “problems” were created by marketers to make us buy more.

Vaginal discharge

Some women tend to be ashamed of their discharge, which contributes to the sales of pantyliners. However, vaginal discharge is an absolutely normal biological process.

If this discharge concerns you, it’s worth visiting a doctor and not disguising it. Some gynecologists even claim that pantyliners can cause irritation in some women.

Eye whites that are not white enough

The whiter the sclera (the white of the eye) is, the brighter the eyes look. This is why various eye drops that reduce redness have become popular these days. There is even cosmetic surgery that claims to whiten the eye.

Some experts are against these methods: eye drops have a temporary effect and may cause inflammation, and healthy blood vessels are removed during surgery. All these methods have only aesthetic results, but may lead to serious consequences.

In most cases, slight redness in the eyes is not harmful at all. But if your eye whites have become red, and you notice some other symptoms, you should see a specialist instead of whitening your eyes.

  • I just saw an ad for a product to make your eyeballs whiter! So now we have that to worry about. © ALoudMeow / Reddit

Not well-defined waistline and tummy

AP/East News, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

We often hear that a woman should have a narrow waist and flat belly. But even slim women can have fat around their waist, resulting in a slightly protruding tummy. In order to avoid this, some women tend to buy corsets or control underwear.

However, not all body types have a well-defined waistline, and the rectangular and apple body types are among them. But every body type has its own advantages, which can be emphasized with clothing. So, why try to attract attention only to your waist?

As for a slightly protruding tummy, it’s also pretty normal. According to experts, a certain percentage of fat is necessary for a female body and trying to get rid of it completely can lead to health issues.

Split ends

Sometimes commercials make having split ends sound like it’s almost a disease that can be treated with the help of shampoos, hair masks, or conditioners. In reality, split ends can’t be “cured.” The only thing that can help them is a trim. In comparison, hair products will only disguise the problem.

In order to prevent split ends from appearing, you should use good moisturizing hair products and avoid styling your hair with hair straighteners too frequently.

Nasal hair

Many people think that nasal hair is something that we should remove no matter what, and they use trimmers, waxing, tweezers, or even laser depilation.

In reality, nasal hair is natural, and its role is to filter foreign particles from the air we inhale. Its removal can lead to negative health consequences, for example, in-grown hairs or nasal vestibulitis (a type of dermatitis).

Sebaceous filaments

Sebaceous filaments are often confused with blackheads, but they are just tiny collections of oil and dead cells that build up within your pores. They may look like blackheads, but they are usually light in color and hard to extract. The companies that produce beauty products make good money on different facial masks, pore strips, and other things, which don’t actually remove blackheads but sebaceous filaments instead.

Blackheads, on the other hand, are a type of acne, and they should be treated. While sebaceous filaments should not be touched, according to dermatologists. If you want to make them less visible, you can use scrub or strips, but the result will be temporary.

Small pockets on female jeans

Some women have noticed that pockets on female pants or jeans tend to be very small, or there are no pockets at all. Some designers claim that pockets ruin the female silhouette.

However, the most likely reason for this is to make women buy bags or clutches that they can keep their stuff in. Also, manufacturers can save on fabric this way.

  • I noticed that women’s pajamas rarely seem to have any pockets, but every pair of male pajamas does. © oakXXIII / Reddit

“Dangerous” gluten

Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat. Lately, many people have started eating a non-gluten diet, thinking that gluten is harmful, and you can lose weight if you cut it out. Thanks to this, many food manufacturers make good money on selling foods with the stamp “no gluten” which are usually more expensive than regular ones.

But people have consumed gluten since ancient times as long as they began to bake bread. Only people intolerant to gluten should not consume it. But for most of us, gluten is harmless. Besides, some people claim that they gain weight even if they don’t consume gluten because they continue to eat sugar, for example.

“Wrong” face

We can often see photos of women with perfect facial features online: they have high cheekbones, a narrow nose, and a chiseled chin. Due to this, face contouring has become really popular recently, leading to a high demand for products like bronzers, highlighters, special brushes, etc. But all faces are unique and beautiful in their own way, while celebrities often photoshop their photos or use special filters.

  • Cosmetic companies have people thinking their bone structure is wrong and are selling bronzers, so women can fix their faces. I’ve been a makeup artist for over a decade, a little shading was always a thing, but now it’s a completely different thing. © Unknown author / Reddit

Weak immune system

Not all people have a weakened immune system which needs to be strengthened, but some manufacturers build their advertising campaigns focusing on this not-quite-real problem. All these foods or bio-additives that claim to boost your immune system will hardly help you with this.

To date, there are no sure ways to make your immune system stronger. Scientists just recommend that you follow a healthy lifestyle.


There is an opinion that cellulite is a sign of extra weight. Sometimes, they say that cellulite is a disease. This is why there is an entire industry that is intended to “treat” cellulite and that includes products for external use, cosmetic procedures, and even plastic surgery.

But according to experts, cellulite is a normal thing. It’s possible to remove it with the help of surgery, but creams and ointments won’t help you get rid of it. They only provide temporary effects.

  • My girlfriend is so embarrassed about cellulite because people made fun of it at school. She won’t wear shorts or skirts. After over 3 years together, she still doesn’t believe me when I say I don’t care about it. © bigegosmall****s / Reddit
  • Cellulite isn’t an issue or harmful or an indicator of anything. I’m seeing a lot of expensive products promising to remove cellulite. © p*****n-shots / Reddit

Do you know any other things that were made up to sell more products?

Preview photo credit Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News


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