16 People Who Took Matters Into Their Own Hands and Made a Giant Change

2 years ago

Every single day that goes by, someone next to you is making a decision to change something they don’t like. Whether it’s making an effort all by themselves or visiting a plastic surgeon, it takes a lot of courage to make a change. Talking about weight, for example, 580,000 people undergo bariatric surgery annually in an effort to shed unwanted pounds. Whatever the reason, we believe that everyone should be celebrated for trying to achieve the best version of themselves.

Bright Side discovered 16 people whose wellness and self-esteem journey will inspire many of you.

1. “Loose skin is hard and the journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m living in ways I couldn’t before. Healthier and stronger!”

2. “My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner”

3. “Septorhinoplasty before and after, 3.5 weeks post-op update”

4. “The first picture was February 2020, and 2 years later I’m glad I kept this shirt so I could do a comparison.”

5. “Been a wild past year and I’ve grown a neck. Still honestly so crazy to me but I feel so much better.”

6. “Gals, don’t think more about it. Don’t hear the bad comments. Go for it, then work hard. Every day.”

7. “Gastric sleeve in June 2019, 325 to 140/144”

8. “Submental Liposuction, week 9 update”

9. “Still need to lose about 100 lb to hit my goal.”

10. “After 23 months, I FINALLY made it. My journey isn’t over but I’m super, duper proud of myself.”

11. “Rhinoplasty — 3 months without follow-up concerns”

12. “8 months: It’s only when I compare face pics that I see the progress I’ve made.”

13. “Finally seeing a difference in my chin after lipo, 9.5-week post-op.”

14. “Down 80 lb and everyone is nice to me now.”

15. “Each picture was taken right before my birthday, one year apart. Lots to celebrate!”

16. “Rhinoplasty before/after — 10 weeks post-op update”

Have you ever had surgery to improve something in your body? Or have you made another huge change that made your self-esteem skyrocket?

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